Aunty Cake and the Magic Icing.

Last Friday I ventured all the way across London for a play date with two of my favourite ladies. My honorary big sister, also known as my Sister-From-Another-Mister (SFAM), and her utterly gorgeous toddler Miss D. Now, I’m not the maternal type. In fact that’s actually putting it lightly. Frankly children can smell fear andContinue reading “Aunty Cake and the Magic Icing.”

Boozy marzipan hot cross buns.

I’m normally completely caught out by Easter. It’s not a holiday that we celebrate as a household, except for revelling in the extra days off work, and so there are no eggs around, chocolate or otherwise (we’ll talk about my egg issues another time). The most I tend to manage is to have a bouquetContinue reading “Boozy marzipan hot cross buns.”

When life gives you lemons…

…ignore them and make Manhattans. That’s my motto. At least it is now. The gift of the wonderful Death and Co. book for Christmas¬†has definitely made the brutal onslaught of January easier to deal with. Well, okay, it may not have actually made it easier, but it’s made it seem easier. This, coupled with theContinue reading “When life gives you lemons…”