Just 134 more things….

At the end of last year I did something rather whimsical. Or at least I thought it was. I've had my eye on the Vinitaly International Academy certification course. It's basically the most intensive, complex and thus prestigious course you can take if you want to specialise in Italian wines. It's five days of lectures … Continue reading Just 134 more things….

Dark corners and damp wool

It's the first of July. and the heat has finally arrived. I was beginning to think that a proper summer was going to allude us, I seem to forget year after year that it's not really summer until after the last weekend in June. Why? Because that last weekend is home to Woolfest, a place of … Continue reading Dark corners and damp wool

Bon fete!

Bonjour mes petit pois! I think it's fair to say that mes Francais leaves much to be desired. Fortunately my in-laws live En France and so the husband has picked up the obligatory smattering of the language over the years. This is most welcome as Paris is fast becoming one of our favourite retreats. The … Continue reading Bon fete!