Just 134 more things….

At the end of last year I did something rather whimsical. Or at least I thought it was. I’ve had my eye on the Vinitaly International Academy certification course. It’s basically the most intensive, complex and thus prestigious course you can take if you want to specialise in Italian wines. It’s five days of lecturesContinue reading “Just 134 more things….”

The Great Paris Yarn Crawl of 2015

Everybody talks about the food in Paris, the wine, the cafe culture, the stunning museums and architecture, the lazy picnics by the Seine and the fashion. I talk about the yarn stores. I adore the yarn stores of Paris, they are all so different, full of character, yarn and in some cases wine. I haveContinue reading “The Great Paris Yarn Crawl of 2015”

Drinking my way around Paris.

There are two things that are absolutely certain when we visit Paris. Firstly that despite all my protestations, denial and good intentions I will buy yarn. I don’t need more, my stash is overflowing with pillows of colourful skeins, and yet I will be powerless to resist when faced with bundles of new potential inContinue reading “Drinking my way around Paris.”

What (Parisian things) I learnt this week.

There are so many things to share from our recent trip to Paris, from what we drank, to what and where we ate, and of course a tour of all the best Paris knitting shops. But I’m afraid I’m smack bang in the middle of a series of ten hour shifts at the day-job and need aContinue reading “What (Parisian things) I learnt this week.”

How to travel like a Mixologist

I’ve become one of those people who simply cannot pack lightly. Gone are the days of throwing a few pairs of pants and a t-shirt in a bag and heading out of the door to wherever adventure takes me. Now I am more likely to have a separate suitcase for the “essentials” I cannot leave behind;Continue reading “How to travel like a Mixologist”