The moment your life changes forever.

Last Sunday I touched down at London Heathrow with my life changed forever. The previous Friday I had successfully retaken my Vinitaly International Academy exam and could now call myself an Italian Wine Ambassador. Not only that, but I’d secured my dream job…in Italy. Leaving in four weeks. So far I’ve booked a one wayContinue reading “The moment your life changes forever.”

When your WhatsApp group saves the day.

My taught classes for the WSET diploma are rapidly coming to an end. At 5.30pm on Wednesday March 7th I will be released into the world of private study and left to fend for myself until the finals on June 13th. I’m not going to lie, I am somewhat dreading that moment. That point whenContinue reading “When your WhatsApp group saves the day.”

Just 134 more things….

At the end of last year I did something rather whimsical. Or at least I thought it was. I’ve had my eye on the Vinitaly International Academy certification course. It’s basically the most intensive, complex and thus prestigious course you can take if you want to specialise in Italian wines. It’s five days of lecturesContinue reading “Just 134 more things….”