The one in which I realised I was a runner.

I’ve always wanted to be a runner. I would admire people I passed in the street casually pounding the pavements, and think “wow, I’d like to be like that”. Then I would dismiss the idea. I could never be like that, I’m not a runner. I’m the fat kid who was told at school thatContinue reading “The one in which I realised I was a runner.”

Because, Wednesday. 

A cocktail before bed.  Because it’s Wednesday and my husband worked from home and we had a long evening together playing board games and enjoying each other’s company.  Because celebrating the little things, like being able to start our evening at 6pm not eight thirty, is one of my favourite things about how we doContinue reading “Because, Wednesday. “

Work in progress

Almost halfway through the month and I’ve suddenly realised that I was supposed to have made resolutions, goals, objectives for the year ahead. Oops! Last year I made two rather large goals. The first, to cut myself some slack, the second was to spend some time figuring stuff out. Well, 2015 certainly stepped up to greet my challenge.Continue reading “Work in progress”