Salad please, and don’t forget the carbs.

Like a bolt out of the blue the south east of England has found itself with glorious weather. I've gone from huddling in my duffle coat to shorts and sandals in what feels like mere moments. The last two days have been spent in the garden trying to get on top of the weeding (why … Continue reading Salad please, and don’t forget the carbs.

Plans and planting

We've ordered the greenhouse, hurrah! And paid for it (gulp!). As a result, in around six weeks a set of burly greenhouse installation people shall arrive and hopefully construct a haven of growing and knitting (yes, I've already made plans to get a deck chair in there with my radio so I can sit and … Continue reading Plans and planting

Bon fete!

Bonjour mes petit pois! I think it's fair to say that mes Francais leaves much to be desired. Fortunately my in-laws live En France and so the husband has picked up the obligatory smattering of the language over the years. This is most welcome as Paris is fast becoming one of our favourite retreats. The … Continue reading Bon fete!