I’m fed up with all this citrus.

Where do we get the phrase “when life gives you lemons…”? It seems a little unfair to the yellow citrus if you ask me. Sure, they’re sharp and sour, but that makes them perfect for all sorts of delicious things, like lemon drizzle cake, spritzing up a dull sauce or salad that needs a liftContinue reading “I’m fed up with all this citrus.”

Salad please, and don’t forget the carbs.

Like a bolt out of the blue the south east of England has found itself with glorious weather. I’ve gone from huddling in my duffle coat to shorts and sandals in what feels like mere moments. The last two days have been spent in the garden trying to get on top of the weeding (whyContinue reading “Salad please, and don’t forget the carbs.”