Because, Wednesday. 

A cocktail before bed.  Because it’s Wednesday and my husband worked from home and we had a long evening together playing board games and enjoying each other’s company.  Because celebrating the little things, like being able to start our evening at 6pm not eight thirty, is one of my favourite things about how we doContinue reading “Because, Wednesday. “

I’m fed up with all this citrus.

Where do we get the phrase “when life gives you lemons…”? It seems a little unfair to the yellow citrus if you ask me. Sure, they’re sharp and sour, but that makes them perfect for all sorts of delicious things, like lemon drizzle cake, spritzing up a dull sauce or salad that needs a liftContinue reading “I’m fed up with all this citrus.”

How to travel like a Mixologist

I’ve become one of those people who simply cannot pack lightly. Gone are the days of throwing a few pairs of pants and a t-shirt in a bag and heading out of the door to wherever adventure takes me. Now I am more likely to have a separate suitcase for the “essentials” I cannot leave behind;Continue reading “How to travel like a Mixologist”

When life gives you lemons…

…ignore them and make Manhattans. That’s my motto. At least it is now. The gift of the wonderful Death and Co. book for Christmas has definitely made the brutal onslaught of January easier to deal with. Well, okay, it may not have actually made it easier, but it’s made it seem easier. This, coupled with theContinue reading “When life gives you lemons…”