Obligatory early January post. (01)

Back to work after the Christmas break with a bit of a bump. Turns out I'm not as rested as I thought because I slept through my alarm, for more than an hour. Oops. Hopefully today isn't quite a "start as you mean to go on" moment, because if so I need a reboot already. For … Continue reading Obligatory early January post. (01)

The importance of sisters

I'm an only child. I'm also in possession of an overactive imagination and spent many of my early years hoping for older brothers and not entirely understanding why this wasn't going to be possible. Instead I got an older sister. My earliest memory of her is finding a woman (and she was very definitely a … Continue reading The importance of sisters

I like Pie.

Every time I mention the inkling to make pie there comes the inevitable and resounding chorus of "I like pie!" This comes from a Flight of the Conchords song (1.14m if you don't want to watch it all) and is sung in exactly that tone at the point of which the steaming dish is presented from the oven. … Continue reading I like Pie.


There are times when being an adult can be a real drag. Like when you have to get up for work at 6am everyday, or when those bills come through the letterbox, or you're cleaning up an ex-mouse from outside the bedroom door that the cat thought you'd appreciate while the aforementioned animal excitedly tries … Continue reading Adulthood

Almost there

I'm sitting in the garden (for the first time in 2016, yay!) and procrastinating. I've just poured a second cup of coffee so that I can take refuge out here a little longer and enjoy the gentle chirping of the birds and scent of cherry blossom wafting across the grass. I'm hiding out here because on … Continue reading Almost there

66, 42 and 1.

If my grandparents were still alive they've have celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary this week. Last month my parents marked 42 years together in their usual understated wonderful way. This weekend we're enjoying a well earned break from work and the 1st anniversary of our wedding. This last 12 months has certainly put us through … Continue reading 66, 42 and 1.