The moment your life changes forever.

Last Sunday I touched down at London Heathrow with my life changed forever. The previous Friday I had successfully retaken my Vinitaly International Academy exam and could now call myself an Italian Wine Ambassador. Not only that, but I’d secured my dream job…in Italy. Leaving in four weeks.

So far I’ve booked a one way flight and we’ve begun trying to drink our way through the wine stocks (because as my husband rightly pointed out, once you’ve shipped it in from Italy it seems silly to ship it back). Apart from that I’m mostly running in circles and cuddling the cats and hoping that at some point I figure out what the hell I need to do next.

Hopefully this little corner of the interwebz will be where you can join me on the whirlwind adventure I’m about to embark upon.

Pronto? Ready?

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

2 thoughts on “The moment your life changes forever.

    1. Yup, end of the month I have a one way ticket booked. It’s crazy! Leaving the cats and husband behind whilst we figure stuff out. That flight is going to feel super weird.

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