What’s next?

Last Wednesday at 4.40pm I put down my pen and sealed my WSET Diploma theory papers in their envelope, handed them in for marking and with around 300 other people left the room where I’d spent five hours being examined on my wine knowledge.

It’s hard to articulate what my feeling was stepping out of that room. Whilst it was certainly better than the sick butterflies I had at 9.40 when I entered, armed with 12 glasses and no idea what wines I might face, it wasn’t quite the rush of elation I’d expected. As some might say “it’s complicated.” Fortunately the need to analyse all this was quickly dismissed by a cold beer, followed by a cold glass of wine and then an early flight to France for three days in the Alps for fresh air and escape.

But now here I am, the first day at home in almost two years when I haven’t had to think about what I should be studying, what regions are my weak points, whether I have an Alsace Gewurztraminer suitable for tasting in the wine rack.

Result’s aren’t due until September and so the summer stretches out ahead of me with days off that can literally be just that. It’s a huge relief, but at the same time, I can’t help wondering…what’s next?

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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