Anyone got an aspirin?

A trait that my husband and I share is our approach to achieving the “big things”. Our strategy has always been to break it down into the smallest steps. Each foot forward is therefore attainable, gives a morale boost, and inches you closer to the amazing thing you want. At least that’s the theory anyway.

More than once I’ve also used this strategy to cope with the WSET diploma. How on earth do you get all that information covered? You break it down into the tiniest pieces and tick them off one at a time. I go as far as literally listing the day I will do things,  because if I write it down I’m held accountable and fearcrastination can’t take over (no really, it’s a thing, I checked with my wine wife).

It’s such an ingrained response to things that I couldn’t help but find myself counting pages of Native Wine Grapes of Italy the other night in bed. Six weeks until I need to be ready for the VIA trip, 598 pages of the book to cover, that’s 100 pages a week, 20 pages a night if you assume I have five days a week I can commit to evening reading. That feels entirely achievable. Until I read this sentence:


Oh dear….


Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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