Obligatory early January post. (01)

Back to work after the Christmas break with a bit of a bump. Turns out I’m not as rested as I thought because I slept through my alarm, for more than an hour. Oops. Hopefully today isn’t quite a “start as you mean to go on” moment, because if so I need a reboot already.

img_7941For the first time in years January genuinely feels like the fresh start, rather than our usual September new year traditions linked to the academic year that enshrined us for so long. I think partly because like so many others we desperately wanted to bid farewell to the darkness of 2016.

In reality I feel as though our new approach began at 5.25pm on Christmas Eve when I returned from work, we cracked open some fizz and finally relaxed after months of being flat out. I had half a glass and then a nap whilst Mr L rattled off a festive crossword and put the finishing touches to playlists ahead of the traditional trip to the pub.

What followed were days of relaxation, indulgence and reflection and a general “getting back on track”-ness, and so once again I start the year with a series of intentions for the year ahead. I’m hoping that by using single words as my guide it will be easy to remind myself of the small things that should hopefully make 2017 positive.

  • Outside – over the Christmas break we re-kindled our love of walking and getting out into the countryside, despite the cold, fog or laziness that might stop us. I want this to return to being a big part of our lives this year as I always feel better for it. Despite a long working week I need to remember that getting outside is a pleasure not a punishment, and doesn’t require getting out of bed at the crack of dawn.
  • Strengthen – Since November I have been having real problems with my back. Usually things like that go away, but this time it hasn’t and I know it’s my body telling me to take better care of it. Osteopathy is helping, but I need to learn to help myself by working to strengthen my muscles to help support me through my physical job (wine life is 3% glamour and 97% lugging cases of bottles around) and in turn finding ways to relax when I’m not working. I’m hoping the above plan to get outside more will help, and in the meantime I’ve ordered a yoga mat. Wish me luck!
  • Play – We dusted off the board games over Christmas and added a new one to the collection. It reminded both of us how much fun an evening round the table is. I want to make this year the start of many where we enjoy more play. We both work so hard that sometimes I think we forget we should play hard too.
  • Quality – We have always been a household who try to focus on quality rather than quantity where we can. I want to stretch that further this year, I want to invest in quality time as well things.
  • Listen – I don’t think I was very good at listening last year and I want to change that more than anything. If I fail all the other things on this list, I am determined not to fail at this.

Last year I worked hard at work. It was great, and rewarding, but also meant things got missed. 2017 is going to be when I start working hard at life again.



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Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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