I like Pie.

Every time I mention the inkling to make pie there comes the inevitable and resounding chorus of “I like pie!” This comes from a Flight of the Conchords song (1.14m if you don’t want to watch it all) and is sung in exactly that tone at the point of which the steaming dish is presented from the oven.

We do love pie, but it’s not something I make very often. I’m not sure why, but fruit in this house tends to find it’s way into jams and chutney before I think to wrap it in a delicious coating of crisp pastry. Silly really as it isn’t hard to make (as long as you’re not hung up on perfect pie crust presentation) and the filling options and combinations are near limitless. IMG_5964This week three entirely coincidental happenings resulted in the ideal pie making opportunity and so I had no excuse. Rolling pin and G&T in hand (because baking without refreshment is a dangerous business, you gotta stay hydrated people), pie dish and cherries at the ready, I set to work.

The three things? A friend arriving to meet me for coffee laden with cherries from her rapidly defrosting freezer, the publication of my new recipe in PomPom Magazine, and the return of the husband from his business trip hankering for home cooking and treats.

I like pie! Just as much as I like a series of happy happenstance.

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

One thought on “I like Pie.

  1. Mmmmmm – pie!!! That looks lovely, and makes my little crumble look like rather a poor effort!

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