Almost there

I’m sitting in the garden (for the first time in 2016, yay!) and procrastinating. I’ve just poured a second cup of coffee so that I can take refuge out here a little longer and enjoy the gentle chirping of the birds and scent of cherry blossom wafting across the grass.

I’m hiding out here because on the dining room table there is a pile of notes, a stack of flashcards, a textbook, workbook and numerous powerpoint print outs that remind me that tomorrow is my WSET Level 3 exam and there’s no way of getting out of it.

IMG_5819I ought to be revising soil types, studying region maps and winemaking flowcharts. But instead I’d like to sit here for a little longer, in denial, and enjoy the peace and quiet before the panic sets in.

I finished my first big fairisle project of the year and think it might be time to cast on some socks don’t you think? In fact, why don’t I do that right now…IMG_5684

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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