Admitting defeat

Last week I made a conscious decision to try and get all my wips (work in progress) finished before casting on something new. “Startitis” is legendary in the knitting world and has a tendency to strike in times such as the new year when you’re done with all the gift knitting, might have received yarn during the festivities, and everything else just feels so last year.

I was determined not to fall into that trap and suddenly find myself with ten things on the needles rather than five, so I dutifully totted up the floundering projects and set to work.

Top of the list was “the tent” I have been knitting this project since September. It was supposed to be finished for our holiday in January. It wasn’t. The waves and waves of 4ply linen in dark grey seemed to defeat me every time I picked it up. It never seemed to grow and so I stopped and strangely it didn’t grow in the slightest whilst sitting in the knitting basket. With some cheerleading in the background from my mum I made it my priority, knit on and on, round and round, kept track of decreases, learned how to box pleat and suddenly it was done!

I excitedly blocked it, dried it and then pulled it on. I dashed to the mirror and it looked…meh. I was completely and utterly underwhelmed. The pleats looked like they were too far down my shoulders, the drape wasn’t actually very drapey and quite frankly it didn’t suit me.

It’s remarkable just how many projects I have like this in my chest of knitwear. I think all knitters have them; things that didn’t quite turn out as expected or hoped for. In the past I have simply left them in the box, reluctantly wearing them every so often to try and justify all the time and effort I put into them. Today I’ve decided that needs to change. I am going to admit defeat, accept that this was the wrong project for me, rip it out, re-wind the yarn and use it for something else. I feel liberated by this decision. It’s only knitting, I can rip it out and start again!

Excuse me while I dream of unravelling all those floundering projects and lose myself on Ravelry searching for new exciting things.

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

3 thoughts on “Admitting defeat

  1. I absolutely love that green yarn, what is it? I tend to give away the ones that ‘didn’t quite work’, unless they are so awful that I’m too ashamed for them to ever see the light of day. I suppose because other people don’t have the preconception of what it should have been, they are much more appreciative.

    1. I do the same thing! Many a friend has been a recipient of a jumper or pair of socks that doesn’t quite fit me, or the colour isn’t quite right. The sock yarn in the picture is an old limited edition Madeline Tosh Sock, I believe the colourway was called “Forestry” It was a gift as a thank you for some test knitting it did for a colleague.

      1. Thanks for the information. Sadly does look like it has been discontinued but I might try dyeing up something similar as I have mixed feelings about merino for knitting projects. Too many nice colourways out there!

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