Little things

An ongoing list of small intentions I have for 2016.

  • Taste more, drink less. I have a comfort zone. One I am very happy occupying, whether it’s with a glass of Italian red wine, a well crafted Manhattan or a Spanish gin. This year as part of my ongoing education I want to try more things, confound my expectations and generally expand my tastes. And I want to do all this whilst cutting back on that habitual glass of wine that inevitably turns into two or three on a Monday evening.
  • Learn. I want to invest in myself both personally and professionally by pushing myself to learn more both in terms of gaining knowledge and new skills. In career terms this will begin in February when I embark on my next qualification (eek!) and personally I hope to attend workshops and courses to keep my mind and hands nimble.
  • Get out more. I have a natural inclination towards hibernation. Not just in winter, but all year round! As a result I unintentionally forget to make time for friends, and suddenly a year has gone past and I’ve only been out and about a dozen times. This year I want that to change. I will make sure I see not only more people, but more exhibitions, concerts and other such interesting things.
  • Make meals not fuel. My new work hours threw us for a loop last year. I get home much later than I ever have before, work more weekends etc. and have found it hard to motivate myself to cook when I get home. This year I want to figure out how to make the most of my days off, plan and cook ahead more and generally be prepared for that 8.45pm hangry desperation before it hits.
  • Switch off. I am beginning to come to the realisation that I am not very good at relaxing unless forced to. My “weekends” often fall mid-week due to my work schedule, and yet if I’m home during the week I feel as if I should be doing a million things because I still have it ingrained in me that a Monday or a Wednesday is a “work”day. Last year that left me feeling burnt out and resentful. I am not going to allow myself to be that person in 2016. I will take proper time off off and indulge.
  • Switch off. Literally. I recently read a blog post (I’m sorry, I forgot where) about a family who have a “no technology” evening one day a week. No phones, no television, no laptops. When we go away we always stay in places with no tv or wifi and fill our time with music, books and board games. It makes us more relaxed so it’s time to bring that habit home with us.
  • Write. As evidenced by this space which remained blank for months last year, I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like. I want to get back into the habit of popping in and jotting down my thoughts and experiences. I also want to write more letters. I often write postcards or cards, but a letter is a wonderful thing. My husband gave me a beautiful set of writing paper for our anniversary last year. It’s about time I used. it.

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Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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