In the greenhouse

Yup, in the greenhouse. At 3pm yesterday a flatbed pick-up truck and two burly northern blokes arrived at the house to install our wedding present. An eight month wait since the wedding, six weeks since ordering, but years in the planning and it’s finally here, installed and I’m still pinching myself. We celebrated by drinking a bottle of Prosecco whilst standing inside exclaiming at the warmth.

IMG_3088I can’t believe I woke up and it wasn’t a dream and as a result I’ve spent the whole day out there potting things up, putting things in place and sowing new things. I also got online and ordered a new vine that will run along the roof inside and add shade.

The plan is to eventually add some power in there so that we can heat it just enough to keep the frost at bay, run a radio and perhaps my laptop, as I have serious plans to make the combi-shed that’s at the end into a mini-“shoffice”. Just because I can!

IMG_3087While the staging is already crammed with plants that have been hanging around on our windowsills, I haven’t done much else. I’m reluctant to do too much “organising” before we’ve had a chance to settle in and use the space so that we can figure out where best to situate things.

IMG_3098Do you have any hints and tips for a pair of greenhouse novices? It would be great to hear about things you’ve done that work, or things you wish you’d done. Let me know in the comments or tweet me @no98limited. In the meantime, if you need me I’ll be jumping up and down in glee amongst the tomatoes!IMG_3097   

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Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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