What (Parisian things) I learnt this week.

There are so many things to share from our recent trip to Paris, from what we drank, to what and where we ate, and of course a tour of all the best Paris knitting shops. But I’m afraid I’m smack bang in the middle of a series of ten hour shifts at the day-job and need a little time to collate all my notes, and so in the meantime I thought I’d do a Paris-themed “what I learnt this week” to highlight some of the funnier moments.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset1. Paris has a lot of stairs. A LOT of stairs. Somehow when we packed the bags we blanked out the part where we booked the apartment on the 5th floor. It seems we also forgot this when buying all the heavy things. That first trip up with the suitcases, and the last trip down with them were like an endurance event.

2. The English tour at Maxim’s starts at 14.00. Proper military time. At two o’clock on the dot the door is unlocked, you are ushered in and then the door is locked behind you. Be late at your peril!

3. Always check whether the room is occupied before opening a toilet door.  Awkward.

vscocam-photo-24. Lockwood (my favourite place for a cocktail in Paris) doesn’t actually open it’s bar until 6pm, which is incredibly disappointing when you’ve traipsed all around Paris and want to quench your thirst. Fortunately it turns out they do the most wonderfully rich and fragrant filter coffee, and sweet/salty chocolate chip cookies, which are huge, and yet not big enough. Almost a win-win. Except a Negroni and a cookie might have been win-win-win.

IMG_27385. Trying to get a French waiter or waitress to understand the word “Perrier” without having the exact pronunciation and inflection in the rolling of the rrrrrrs is both an hilarious and infuriating exercise. As a result I recommending skipping the water and heading straight for the coffee or cognac.

IMG_27876. Waking up early and sneaking out into the sunshine before anyone else is awake to buy the pastries for breakfast is one of the most wonderful feelings. I need to remind myself to do it more, if only for the morning light, empty streets and smell of butter wafting across the Latin Quarter.

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