Things I learnt this week

– I can see 34 colours, my husband can see all 39. He hates yellow more than any other colour. Perhaps I shouldn’t wear that yellow jumper I knitted?

– Spring may have actually arrived. Today we walked to the country pub and for the the 45 minute stroll I didn’t need a jacket. It felt so good.

– I miss my own Maj and to help I’ve been listening to this hilarious podcast on my walk to work. It’s a bit like being in the room with my best friend and I actually laugh out loud whilst walking down the street.

– Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is as good as an overhaul. I think we may have bought ourselves some time on the bathroom. Phew!

– Posts like this one are doing nothing to quell my cocktail passion.

– It’s International Women’s Day today. In case you were wondering International Men’s Day is November 19th as Richard Herring has been rather amusingly pointing out.

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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