A spring in my step

I woke with a start this morning assuming I’d slept late because the sun was so intense through the curtains. It was a relief to discover that I was awake earlier than anticipated and to have such powerful light greeting me. It feels like our weekend away and its coincidence with February passing into March have helped spring on it’s way. I’m fresh and ready for a new start and so is the season.

DSC_0238The problem with this sudden sun is that it immediately makes me want to dash outside and start gardening, only to discover that it’s not actually time yet. The soil is still hard and cold (and so are my fingers after more than ten minutes pottering around!). My eager attempts to lure germination are met with sulky plants or wasted seed. Plans are afoot this year to add a greenhouse to our plot (the shed got ripped out last week and even the blank space makes me excited), but until then I am trying to remember to bide my time and learn some patience. Definitely not my strong suit.

DSC_0210Regardless of the lessons learned in previous years, I still delved into the seed box this morning frantically searching for anything I could start off inside. We don’t have much windowsill space in our little house and usually it’s crammed with all manner of clutter, but I’d cleared the kitchen space earlier in the week in the hope of motivating myself to clean the windows, and saw an opportunity to hide the junk elsewhere and replace it with propagator trays in the vain hope of getting some seeds off to an early start. I may regret my keenness, but it felt so good to get my fingers dirty, to dust off the trays from last year, wash the lids and plant labels and daydream about what we might be eating in the months ahead.

DSC_0227The crocuses and iris reticulata that I planted last year are giving me at least some confidence in my ability as a novice gardener, lets hope these little trays can do the same. I’ve planted different varieties of the following: tomatoes, chillies, aubergine, basil, radish, kale, parsnips, leeks, cucumber and mangetout. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and fingers crossed for a warm start to next month so I can get planting outside too.DSC_0255

I should point out that I never did clean the windows. Oops!

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

2 thoughts on “A spring in my step

    1. Hi Tracy, Thank you for your kind words. It’s great to be involved in such a fantastic local food scene, I feel very lucky. Let me know if there’s ever anything I can help with.

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