Things I learnt this week.

IMG_22081. I should make hummus more often. Thanks to Ottolenghi’s tip to add a bit of bicarb to the water to remove the skins from the chickpeas my homemade version is just as smooth as my favourite restaurant’s.  Doesn’t stop me craving theirs mind.

2. Turns out I do like oysters after years of thinking I didn’t. Mr L does too. I feel as though this might have set a dangerous trend.

3. Don’t always trust a bartender to make a good Manhattan. You may well be disappointed (white vermouth in a Manhattan, is that a thing now?). In future I shall stick to the homemade ones and hit the wine list immediately. Unless I ever get to drink here.

4. Going from a desk job back to a physical stand-up-all-day job is a huge shock to the system. A fourteen hour long sleep from Friday to Saturday proved that!

5. The blood orange season just keeps on giving. This week we perfected the gin, rosemary and blood orange cocktail, and with the leftover juice we made Bellini’s,  the perfect antidote to the prospect of DIY.

6. Origami is really hard. Kudos to those who can effortlessly fold squares into fabulous shapes. I wanted to make roses for Mr L, then decided to downgrade to lilies, and eventually had to settle on hearts . I need more practice! Image

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