Things I learnt this week.

IMG_22001. Trust your instincts. If you think the answer is Riesling it probably is! I took the next exam in my professional wine qualifications this week and am kicking myself that I got answers wrong because of not trusting my instincts. Seems it’s true in all walks of life; work, play and wine!

2. It is possible to boost your immune system via the administration of a well balanced cocktail. I made these this week and they’re not only delicious but have all the properties of a good cold remedy. Vitamin C, juniper (good for circulation) and rosemary (natural antiseptic). I knew there was a reason why gin and rosemary are two of my favourite things.

3. You should never sew whilst hungry, or tired, or feeling a bit coldy. It only results in odd necklines and lots of ripping out. I’m glad the garment I’ve made is designed to be worn in a romantic (i.e. dark!) restaurant.

4. Cats like tea. Well, our cat does. What made me so incredulous was that he kept going back for more! Word to the wise, don’t leave a lukewarm cuppa sitting around in this house it’ll get a paw dipped into it and licked.

5. Going to see live music is really fun. However, I’d forgotten how much of a faff it is to get back from a gig late, and what an impact that has on the next day. Which leads me to my final point….

6. Late nights and drinking on a Monday only seem like a good idea.

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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