Easy come, easy go, easy snow

We awoke on Tuesday to the distinctly dampened street noises that can only mean a layer of snow on the ground. I’ve been waiting and hoping for snow all winter (well, all winter since I haven’t had to commute and Mr L set up working from home – it can be a nightmare to get anywhere around here if there’s even the slightest bit of “weather”).  Finally it seemed the waiting and cautionary buying of hot chocolate had paid off. Wrapped up in my walking boots and my warmest layers I hit the garden to try and get some nice snowy shots.


As it happened the snow was already thawing as I stepped outside and the world was soon back to it’s slowly dripping wet greyness. I didn’t manage many shots, not least because despite the layers my shivering didn’t help my camera steadiness much. But it was nice to have stepped outside because it showed me just how close we are to things being green again. IMG_2173

I’m always fascinated at this time of year at how many signs of life there are if you just look closely, even though winter is typically at it’s coldest even in the mildest of years. It may have been a cold snowy day, but it gave me such anticipation of what is just around the corner. I ordered seeds the weekend before. The ground may have been frozen, but the plans have been laid! IMG_2158

Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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