Questa settimana / This week

It’s been quite the week. Work and play and plenty of both. Here’s a round up of what’s been going on:

We celebrated our anniversary. Twice. First with champagne afternoon tea and a wander around one of our favourite rose gardens..


…then with a trip along the river in the tall ship Loth Lorien.


We accidentally ended up going for dinner


and discovered a serendipitous wine on the menu, so it had to be done.


I practiced my Italian and am beginning to wonder if Duolingo is trying to tell me something.


I made more jam.


I played with the new macro lens for my phone


I went to an event for work and honed my networking skills.


And on Friday evening I picked up my wedding dress. No sneak peeks of that one I’m afraid. It’s hanging up safely out of the view of prying eyes, awaiting it’s journey over to Italy on Wednesday. 

I hope everyone is having a restful weekend, and are looking forward to the week ahead, I think it’s going to be a good one!




Published by Rebecca

Education Development Consultant and wine professional.

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